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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Removing a tree from your property

Removing a tree from your propertyTrees are adorable and a spectacle to many homeowners but they can also be a source of great discomfort if they are at the wrong place or pose danger in case of a severe storm that may tip them over the roof, on a passer-by or in the neighbours pool. Overgrown trees may also block certain enchanting views that may improve the beauty of the surrounding or interfere with the architectural plan of a property and for this reason may force home owners to consider tree removal or tree pruning options. There are several ways to go about removing a tree from a property. First you must be convinced that the tree lies squarely in your property as trees on the boundary line with other property owners require consent from all parties involved. If on the other hand the branches of a neighbour’s tree extend to your property the extended branches can be pruned so long as the boundary line is not crossed during pruning and only branches outside the boundary lines are pruned. It is however important to note that the pruning of certain tree species requires council consent because they could be listed as heritage, are endangered, take too long to recover or may altogether die after the pruning. Tree lopper also requires the same procedures and in most cases there is always a council legislation or a municipal law regulating what can and cannot be done to trees. Before considering any option for your tree it is important therefore that you go through the relevant legislation because removing a tree can land you in court in more ways than one. Many regulations seek to protect the ecological, heritage and amenity values of a tree while seeking to prevent unnecessary tree removals. In most cases, to qualify for a tree removal permit one must satisfy the county that the tree is posing significant danger to the structures around, that the dangers posed cannot be addressed in any other way, that the removal of the tree is to facilitate some repairs like that of a sewer line and whether the tree is not of landscape significance. However, not all counties consider tree laws in the same way and the law most likely depends on the number of trees in the county and how many are replacing the cut down trees. In some counties all you have to do is to plant a new tree to qualify for a permit. Tree lopping, tree pruning, tree removal and other activities around trees are potentially very dangerous. It is not uncommon for trees to fall in the wrong direction threatening the lives of those involved or to damage surrounding property and all these things can lead to endless suits and to owners incurring great losses. To go about it safely, you might want to seek an insurance policy that insures your property against falling trees or to convince your neighbour’s, of the need for tree maintenance by explaining to them how your insurer is opposed to dangers around the property that may lead to unnecessary losses. You might also want to seek out the help of professional tree contractors and arborists. These professionals are a very good way to go when considering tree removal because being in the business gives them insights about the best way to go about removing a tree from a premise not to mention, they are personally responsible for any damages that may result from their activities such as the tree falling on a neighbour’s roof and this can be considered as a cost saving option because it is not usual to be over powered by the strength of a falling tree. They also serve an arborist report which details accurate and specific information about the tree in question. This report includes the location of the tree, its structural integrity, condition, disease, vigour and infestation. An arborist report also identifies the nature of the work and the protection measures that would most likely be taken. If you are considering removing a tree without the help of a professional and you are not very sure of your experience in this field an arborists report might come in handy. Moreover more and more counties are requiring that property owners consult an arborist before undertaking tree removal to prove that they have taken the right safety measures. This report is also important evidence that a tree needs removing when it possess danger to residents and the integrity of a premise. An arborists report further advices on what is the best way of going around your tree problems. Some trees don’t pose as much danger to property as they seem to and only arborists can tell of the level of danger posed. Not to mention, professional tree contractors offer more than tree removal services. Their other services include tree maintenance, tree pruning, root management, stump grinding, tree evaluation, hedge trimming, pest and disease control, tree support system plus much more.  While considering removal options you might also put in place concrete budget plans as it does require considerable resources to put down a tree or even to prune it like a professional would. Tree removal resources increase proportionately with both the diameter of the tree and height. Taller trees require more space to fall over while wider trees have more weight on them. For a do it alone tree service you might consider hiring power saws, tree trimming equipment and requiring more hands for the job. You can also buy the equipment required if the budget permits. It is not easy and it’s not hard either to have a tree removed, pruned or lopped. It is just like most other things which require proper planning and serious consideration. Remember that while trees are very beneficial they can also cause danger to live and property and that you should not hesitate to bring down a tree that risks the lives of those around a property or that prevents anyone from enjoying their property like they should.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sutherland Shire Tree Lopping Review

Sutherland Shire Tree Lopping ReviewShane’s Tree’s has been operating in the Sutherland Shire for over 30 years, Providing Safe and Effective Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, wood chipping Services, Tree Pruning, Crown Reduction, Free Green Firewood and Wood chip.Our Team uses the Latest, State of the art tree maintenance equipment and all our staff have had years of experience.

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